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Email and a Business Manager

Email and a Business Manager

This post will not apply to a one-man shop in any way. Continue reading if you have a business manager, customer service manager, or secretary who follows up with your clients on your behalf.

I have the same problem almost any internet user has… I get a ton of email. Since Google catches almost all my spam, the email I DO get has a lot of relevant material in it. Thankfully, I also employ an awesome business manager who follows up with our clients and makes sure everything gets handled speedily. However, he can only do that when he is copied on the emails that come in. Since I also use my email for personal correspondence, I don’t need Mike to get all my email. I do need to know what he has seen and is responding to and more importantly what he hasn’t seen yet. If he hasn’t seen it, and I don’t handle it, it will be completely lost or least not handled in a timely manner… simply put, we look bad either way.

So, this might not be the best solution… but it sure works great for me!

I use Google Apps + Apple Mail, so I went to Apple Mail > Preferences > Rules and set up a rule to look like this:


Basically, if the email isn’t from my business manager, and if he is not listed in the To field or the Cc field, then it changes the subject of the email to burnt orange. I have limited it to only my Pixel email account since I don’t need all my emails flagged. Be sure to set it to only process if all the conditions are met.

Now, any email that remains black I know Mike received and will address with me if it needs my attention. The ones that are orange I know I have to deal with or at least look at closely to see if I need to forward it to Mike.

This may not help anyone else, but I felt pretty excited when I figured it out! It lets me maximize my time while empowering Mike do his job more effectively.



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