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Introducing Downloadify

Introducing Downloadify

More information is available at:

Ever since I found out Adobe® Flash 10 supported client-side file generation and download, I have been itching to use it in JavaScript. So, a few weeks back, I finally took the time to put a JavaScript and Flash component together that would simplify the use of this feature. This component allows web applications to generate files in the browser and offer them for download, without a round-trip to the server.

The component is called Downloadify and is available for use now! You can get involved by grabbing the source and making improvements over on Github. It is open-source under the MIT license. Currently the component only supports text-based file formats, but I am looking to add binary support in the future.

Still Confused? Here is a quick introduction:

I really want to thank Timothy Smith for the voice-over and audio production!

Finally, I have updated what used to once be a Ruby+Sinatra app, Starter for jQuery, and have turned it into a straight HTML app that runs fully in the browser. It generates the code and the downloadable files without ever touching the server.



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