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Psystar is not Robin Hood

Psystar is not Robin Hood

Quick background: Psystar (pronounced sigh-star) was the company that was selling cheap Mac clones that ran the Mac operating system OS X. Apple let them live until they took an update to 10.5, hacked it to work on their systems, and redistributed it in a clear violation of the DMCA. This provided a perfect opportunity for a lawsuit from Apple and of course, Apple won. This resulted in Psystar having to stop selling pretty much everything they currently make for the time being.

Why this post: Last week I disturbingly discovered their user contributed video contest which truly embarrassed me to watch. This week they are now selling t-shirts trying to “raise money” through (ugly) t-shirt sales or straight donations.

Just in case there is any confustion, Psystar is not Robin Hood!

Anytime a for-profit corporation claims working for the “better good” in a way that directly benefits their company, a red flag should go off in your head. This isn’t about a fight for open computing, this is about a company that broke the law while trying to make a buck and they lost!

One final observation: To anyone going into business, you can learn a few things from Psystar: Put the time and money into a current/modern website and a nice sharp logo, don’t falsely pretend to care about the “greater good”, and don’t make your business based solely on illegal activities.



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